October 6th

The deposit contract will launch presumably shortly after Devcon, which begins on Tuesday.

The deposit contract has finished formal verification and is ready to go when the standardisation effort is completed.

This shouldn’t delay the planned start of the beacon chain in Q1 next year.’ Its launch is first awaiting the multi-client testnet which too is expected to launch very soon.”

“Finablr announced the partnership on Oct. 3, claiming that the new feature ‘offers users seamless and secure cross-border payments to 47 countries through a variety of payout methods, all within Samsung’s native mobile wallet.’

Furthermore, United States-based Samsung Pay’s clients reportedly can use their debit or credit cards to send money via the service.

Money Transfer is a first step in our vision to evolve Samsung Pay into a platform that makes users’ financial lives more convenient.”

“The parliament’s announcement claims that this act will make Liechtenstein the first country to have comprehensive regulation of the token economy.

The TVTG not only creates legal certainty for all market participants, but also heralds a new era, the token economy.