October 5th

Ether: The World’s First ‘Triple Point’ Asset (Highly Recommended Watch!)

“Establishing a secure connection to the blockchain on a small loT device isn’t easy, but that’s why we built Incubed, a stateless client that can run with zero storage. Incubed operates without a single point of failure and is able to verify all data.

This verification allows us to put everything on a small chip like nRF52840, which only has 256 KB of RAM and 1 MB of flash memory. One of these costs about $3 and enables a completely decentralized, stateless, and verified connection to the blockchain.”

Some worthwhile presentations / project updates from ‘Invest : Asia’

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“Infura is a great service, but something is wrong when most people aren’t running their own node. Our team wants to do our part to reverse this trend.

Geth has made amazing progress with speeding up sync, both Fast and Full. It keeps getting better with every release. But even if you have the ideal hardware available, syncing will take 4 hours minimum.

If Beam Sync only needs to download 3k nodes, and Fast Sync needs to download 300M, then we can define an upper limit on how much faster Beam Sync can run: a 100,000x launch-to-execute speedup on mainnet!

We have been testing sync against mainnet, and typically can execute the first block within an hour. It’s not unusual at all to execute within 5 minutes!”

“Open banking, blockchain, data, and identity took center stage during a week spent at the heart of the global financial system.

Overall, as society drifts towards more open and ecosystem solutions, enterprises will seek to capture value where possible. Identity, data, and customer experiences will likely become some of the most competitive battlegrounds with large enterprises partnering with startups utilizing emerging technologies to meet win revenue and market share.”

Enjin Coin Update

“In a report this week, analysts for the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs ranked information-technology stocks as the best-performing sector year-to-date with a 31 percent return.

But year-to-date, bitcoin’s price gains are nearly four times the level of those hottest-of-hot tech stocks. Investors who bought on the last day of 2018 would have doubled their money, and then some.

With the global economy slowing and trillions of dollars of government bonds from Europe and Japan trading with negative yields, bitcoin’s price gains this year could conceivably attract a new wave of investors who previously wouldn’t even take a look.”

“The domain names stolen from the Ethereum Name Service’s (ENS) auction have been returned.

The hacker was apparently swayed by an attractive offer: 25 percent of the final bidding price for each of the returned domains once they are re-auctioned. With 17 domains stolen, the hacker could be in store for a decent payday depending on the auction prices.

Evidently the hacker thought 25 percent was a better deal than trying to resell them themselves in the face of blacklisting. Or perhaps they’re just generous – either way we’re grateful.”

The first phase of the project will focus on creating a DApp based on the “liquid democracy” model that employs digital tokens and a basic set of smart contracts that the Digital Party will use for its internal governance.

The application of democratic governance that will be implemented by the Digital Party is based on the internal governance solution that aeternity uses for internal community decision-making, which is a completely new architecture, allowing greater participation of citizens in political decisions at all levels, with unalterable reliability.

“Both Tether and Bitfinex published statements claiming that they had become aware of an unreleased paper ‘falsely positing that Tether issuances are responsible for manipulating the cryptocurrency market.’

Tether and Bitfinex further wrote that they expect unethical lawyers to use the paper to launch a lawsuit.”