30 September

“The new crypto council will be publishing online ratings for digital assets on a scale of 1 to 5, where the highest value means that a certain token is considered as a security that cannot be issued, sold or traded by unregulated firms.

Kraken’s general counsel, expressed hope that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will view the initiative as a positive step.

Other members of the Crypto Ratings Council include Circle Internet Financial, Bittrex, Genesis Global Trading, Grayscale Investments, Anchor Labs and DRW Holdings’ Cumberland unit.”

“Originally expected to activate on Oct. 2 at block height 6,485,846, Istanbul was released two days earlier than planned due to unusually fast block confirmation times.

The majority of miners on the Ropsten blockchain did not upgrade to the latest software, since the time of the hard fork caught many developers off guard. This has resulted in a split of the test network between those mining on the upgraded chain and those mining on the outdated chain.

Issues with the Ropsten network so far appear to be the result of poor miner communication, not flaws in the Istanbul upgrade code.”

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“OpenLaw’s so-called “Limited Liability Autonomous Organization” or LAO project aims to conform with guidelines set forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established in the wake of the 2016 DAO hack.

Done correctly, Wright said, DAOs do have the potential to replace venture capital and private equity firms. That could be a monumental achievement in fueling the future of blockchain network development.

Operating as a [LLC] means the entity is responsible for contracts and the entity is responsible for taxes and the entity is responsible for violations of the law, not necessarily the individuals who are acting on behalf of the entity.

Without that, Hinkes said, ‘it could mean that the individuals [in the DAO] are liable for everything.‘ At the same time, regulatory clarity also comes with stricter policies and rules as to how a legal DAO can and cannot operate. In this way, the LAO may not differ all that much in substance from a traditional business.

I think the next step will come when states start to experiment with their own laws and allow for flexibility in corporate structure to accommodate more code-driven conduct.”

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Bitcoin, (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency by market value, is on track to post a monthly loss of more than 16 percent – the biggest since November 2018. Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency ether (ETH), however, is currently reporting a monthly gain of 0.30 percent.

In fact, ETH is the best performing top 10 cryptocurrency of September. Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the worst performing cryptocurrency this month, with a 35 percent monthly drop.

Most alternative cryptocurrencies are based on ethereum’s blockchain. Hence, many observers often consider ether’s rise, especially against BTC, a positive sign for alts.”

Fidelity Digital Assets to Provide Custody for Bitcoin Derivatives Yield Fund

After several months of due diligence, Tsai said Fidelity Digital Assets is now on board to provide custody for the fund.

I think what was missing in the crypto market is a lot of very solid traditional types of products, but with crypto assets.

Wave Financial has launched the Wave BTC Income & Growth Digital Fund, touting the fund to be the first crypto-derivatives-based yield fund on the market.”

“On Sept. 30, Binance revealed that it would add support for TRX staking starting Oct. 1, with initial estimation of rewards to be calculated through Nov. 1 and subsequently distributed before Nov. 5. The system will then continue on the same basis monthly.

BeatzCoin COO Misha Lederman noted in a tweet on Sept. 29 that Binance has essentially frozen 12 billion TRX, taking 1/6 of the coin’s supply out of circulation.”

German police have raided and shut down Cyberbunker 2.0, a decommissioned NATO bunker that housed dark web market servers and child porn. 

The bunker held multiple dark web markets including the financial scam site “Wall Street Market,” drug portal “Cannabis Road” and “Orange Chemicals,” a market for synthesized drugs.”

The described arrangement is prohibited by the C.B.A., which provides that ‘no player shall assign or otherwise transfer to any third party his right to receive compensation from the team under his uniform player contract.

Dinwiddie, on the other hand, told the outlet that he intended to better illustrate the investment scheme to league officials, hoping to change their minds.”

“The software streamlines commodities trading with applications supporting every step of the process — pre-trade KYC, trade execution and post-trade risk management.

Where there are multiple parties, that require trust and verification on a secure, permanent record that eliminates double counting and provides one accurate record of ownership or transfer details – EnHelix delivers.”

“The impetus behind the initiative is to trace how companies’ funds are spent within social impact projects. Individuals and companies who utilize Impactio should submit their projects, providing clear objectives.

After that, curators receive Impactio Tokens in a digital wallet, with the platform using a system based on ConsenSys’ research on Token Curated Registry (TCR) to curate and choose high-potential projects and subsequently present them to potential funders.”