September 12

“The French finance minister has said the nation plans to block Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency in the EU over concerns that it poses a threat to the sovereignty of national currencies.

I want to be absolutely clear: In these conditions, we cannot authorize the development of Libra on European soil.”

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We believe that the moment the gains are converted into traditional money is the right time to assess tax.

VAT is to be applied to cryptocurrency transactions only when they are used to acquire an asset or a service.

In August, a tax bill seeking to allow the exclusion of gain or loss on like-kind exchanges of virtual currency has been introduced in the United States House of Representatives.”

“Normally, investors have had to watch constantly and reallocate quickly to catch an enhanced DeFi return. Now they can set a smart contract to do the monitoring and allocating for them.

With RAY, investors can put their assets (ETH, USDC or DAI) into an asset-specific pool and the smart contract will automatically invest all or part of that pool into contracts with the best yield at any given time. For now, it will invest only on the money market Compound and with the derivatives protocols DYDX and BZX. ‘Everything we do is non-custodial.'”

“Spanish banking giant Santander says it has become the first institution to use a public blockchain to manage all aspects of a bond issue. Previously, the World Bank issued a similar blockchain bond but used a private version of ethereum.

It’s an evolutionary step. There are no secondary markets yet, but we are on that path.

One conclusion that can be drawn from Santander’s efforts and others doing similar things is that the banking world is slowly but surely coming around to trust ethereum.

I think it’s becoming apparent that ethereum is just part of the internet.”

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“Warner Music has joined an $11.2 million investment in CryptoKitties creator Dapper Labs in order to collaborate on the deployment of the company’s new blockchain network called Flow as well as building tokens on top of it.

The main goal is to create new avenues where the fans of our artists can explore their fandom and engage with the artists in new and different ways that they haven’t done before.

Additionally, Warner Music is reportedly looking into how cryptocurrency could be used to enable a new method for tipping artists on the network and testing two different blockchain platforms for directly connecting musicians with their fans without the need of intermediary distributors.”

“The professional service firm’s analysis of the crypto ecosystem found that 41 percent of global fundraising deals in Q2 2019 took place in Europe. Similarly, cryptocurrency fundraises in the Asian market have jumped significantly, accounting for 26 percent of the deals in Q2 2019.

Meanwhile, the report identifies a significant drop in crypto fundraising deals in the Americas. While the region accounted for 51 percent of global deals in Q2 2018, the Americas captured just 28 percent in Q2 2019.

Except perhaps for crypto mining, we are seeing capital flow to every sector of the crypto industry.”

“The foundation has released 14 new grants to projects targeting the advancement of the Tezos project.

Recipient projects prioritized developments such as applications built using Tezos smart contracts, Tezos block explorers, tools for smart contract development, Tezos-focused training resources and marketing initiatives that improve awareness of the ecosystem.”

LOL, ‘nough said. Pass!

“The company does the pre-setup for each wallet being sold to generate blockchain addresses and the associated private keys, but Lee said the firm deletes the data after production.”

“One of the primary reason for doing this pre-sale, according to Paul, is to get a sense of the levels of liquidity and market interest in the SOV cryptocurrency.

Called the Timed Release Monetary Issuance (TRMI), RMI minister David Paul explained that anyone (regardless of location) can register for the pre-sale on the newly launched website of the SOV Development Foundation.”

“ETC Lab’s CEO Terry Culver said Atlantis signals a desire to work with ethereum. Many of Atlantis’ EIPs have been on ethereum for years and should allow for more crossover between the platforms.”