September 11

“Stablecoins there differ according to which asset(s) back the token — e.g. currencies, commodities, real estate or securities.

Due to the issuance of Libra payment tokens, the services planned by the Libra project would clearly go beyond those of a pure payment system and therefore be subject to such additional requirements.

The watchdog further underscores that a necessary condition for the Libra network being granted a license as a payment system would be that:

The returns and risks associated with the management of the reserve were borne entirely by the Libra Association and not — as in the case of a fund provider – by the ‘stable coin’ holders.

A last important point from FINMA is that the international scope of Libra requires an internationally coordinated approach.”

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Facebook Libra Is Seeking to Register as a Payment System in Switzerland

“As a Hyperledger member, ConsenSys plans to explore interoperability across blockchains and help drive standards to support enterprise-grade blockchain environments.

As a new premier member, ConsenSys is now an active part of the Hyperledger community and the open-source, open governance approach to blockchain.

Furthermore, ConsenSys founder and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin will join the governing board of Hyperledger.”

“Mastercard said the two firms have inked a deal to “develop and pilot” the payments solution. It will initially be aimed at connecting faster payments schemes and banks backed by Mastercard’s clearing and settlement network.”

“The service will allow institutions to customize the settlement of forwards contracts – for example, deciding the frequency of calculations – to provide “greater flexibility” for investors.

Seed CX has been building toward its physically-settled bitcoin forwards product for some time, announcing its intention last year.”

“The device is planned to go on pre-order in Q4 2019 at a price of $599. Blok on Blok (BOB) will allow users to switch between PundiX’s blockchain OS, which powers the decentralized services, and Android. BOB will further support the Function X network by acting as a node on the blockchain.

BOB gives a sneak peek of a world powered entirely by blockchain technology, where everyone has control over their own data and everything is executed with the expectations of immutability and transparency.”

We have created a customized version of both our firmware and Wallet designed for everyone who supports the idea of Bitcoin. Every Bitcoin maximalist can now enjoy the Wallet interface with nothing else but Bitcoin.

“The testing units, if successful, would mark a major step toward mass production as Linzhi sets out to compete with makers of general-purpose computing chips, such as NIVIDA.

One possible risk for the business is that the ethereum community has previously voted to activate the so-called ProgPow algorithm in order to remove the edge maintained by large miners that can afford expensive, specialized chips.

Chen said the company is, in fact, more active in the ETC community, adding: ‘Our plan A is to focus on ETC mining.'”

“Amazon QLBD is a new class of database that provides a transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifiable transaction log ‎owned by a central trusted authority.

Today, we are proud to announce Amazon QLDB, offering customers a fully managed service that provides the same ledger capabilities, along with the ability to cryptographically verify data integrity.”

“Cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay faces another publicity nightmare amid claims it blocked donations to Hong Kong for several weeks.

BitPay has seen multiple scandals involving various aspects of its operations, including freezing payments, failure to support major wallets and allegedly attempting to make customers actually use Bitcoin less often.”