September 8

  1. The smart contract security seems legit.
  2. Compound is a CUSTODIAL system, all lending pools can be trivially drained if their admin private key is compromised.
  3. When you lend on Compound, you are NOT guaranteed to be able to withdraw whenever you want. If you try to withdraw your funds and all the money is locked up in outstanding loans, your withdrawal transaction will fail.

SingularDTV Update:

SingularDTV’s mission is the creation of a decentralized entertainment industry powered by blockchain technology. The year 2020 represents an exciting new phase in achieving this goal — the launch of the SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol.

The SNGLS Protocol is intended to operate as the layer in which various entertainment DApps and services can create and sustain a decentralized entrainment marketplace. Breaker will be the first DApp to launch on the SNGLS Protocol.

SingularDTV has created and is in the process of patenting the process of programmatically embedding IP into data vessels (tokens) on the blockchain along with its required distribution infrastructure.

Deep dive on layer 2 ‘rollup’:

The construction borrows heavily from both plasma and zkRollup designs, and builds on shadow chains as described by Vitalik. This construction resembles plasma but trades off some scalability to enable running fully general (eg. Solidity) smart contracts in layer 2 – providing a near term scalable EVM-like chain in layer 2.

In a mature layer 2 ecosystem it’s likely that we will see rollup, plasma, and state channels all working together in the same client.